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Monday, February 25, 2013

Space Wolf Terminator Completed (almost)

Space Wolf Terminator combi melta
I can hardly believe it, I've completed this space wolf terminator... almost. I have some minor additions to add to him, such as his base and some weathering powders around is feet - possibly higher up, depending how I'm feeling. I personally feel quite exhausted after painting him - though that could have been the recent spate of flu that has swept my family and the reason this guy wasn't done sooner.

I'm really pleased with him, but I can't help but feel that there is more I could do to him. His face is good, but again - I could probably do better next time. I've also got two different shades of yellow on here and I'm not sure what I think to that - I kind of like it as I imagine not everything is going to be painted from same iron priests paint pot - however, there is something to be said for consistency!

So on with the other pictures of this guy.

Space Wolf Terminator combi melta

Space Wolf Terminator combi melta

Space Wolf Terminator combi melta

 A few things I'm considering I may go back and do at a later date are some glow effects around the lenses and the addition of some gore. I'm going to be adding some nids to the bases of these guys and creating a purple ichor that can either be sprayed or turned into a goop to be dripping from weapons.

Overall, I think this guy is my best paint job yet and I'm really pleased.

However, I think it's highly unlikely I will complete the February deadline for the Tale of Gamers painting target of 250pts... To try and remedy, this, I've started Logan Grimnar in the hope that I get loads of painting time this week and I can complete him by Thursday.

Failing that, I'll look at getting Logan finished and another 250pts completed for the April deadline - giving me just over 500pts to deliver in that round.

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Andy - bG said...

Really nice look to him, far beyond anything I can do, you should be very proud of what you've created. Cannot wait to see more of these guys, and especially Logan.

the_ape said...

I quite like the different yellows. It creates a nice contrast to be honest.

Look forward to seeing Logan.