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Thursday, August 26, 2010

Space Marine Statue

So Just wanted to share my latest terrain purchases.

The Space Marine Statue.

For £15 this set is fantastic, the join lines on it are awful. I even started to put some ever trusted squadron green putty (neat) to fill the gaps. It would have been a monster job so I gave up and decided that they would be part of the construction by the imperials.

I decided on a weathered brass statue... boring I know, but I wanted to trial a technique I saw over at massive voodoo using polished metal and oil paints. Find it here. Obviously this is a plastic model, but I decided the technique would work just as well.

The process was:
Black Undercoat
3-4 coats of thinned brazen brass
Drybrush of Brazen brass / chainmail mix (1:1)
Gloss varnish
Oil wash/paint W& Lamp Oil black all over (touch of burnt umber added to the mix as well)
Allowed white spirits to evaporate
Drybrush the model with a clean dry flat brush (never wash brush during process, just wipe on toilet roll or a rag)
Leave to dry
Matt Varnish and apply a verdigis mix of Hawk Turquoise, Orkhide, Skull white (8:1:1)
Varnish again.

And here is the finished result

Let me know what you think or any questions about the process.

Progress on the Elysians

Thought I better do a post and let everyone know I'm alive.

So I've been pretty busy with everything... Including having a smashing holiday in Devon, if you discount it raining. Then it wouldn't be a UK holiday without rain.

So enough of my life and onto the items you want to be seeing. I'm close to completing another squad, the third of my four veteran units. Converted my master of the fleet, built the first command squad, made more objectives, started attending a wargames club and got some more games in. WooT

Gaming Wise, I attended the York Wargames Society and played a couple of games against a now seemingly regular opponent (Neil Kerr or more likely known to most as Skuzzlebum). Really enjoyed it, got beaten both times and started to see where I could improve my force. So the getting beaten bit, I'm not fussed as he is the third best demon player... in the world according to rankings HQ.

So the changes I've noted and need to look into is the snipers must go. They have done nothing for me. The options I have and need to look into is all flamers or more potently all plasma weapons with a medic... Plan would be to drop in, shoot lots and kill lots. The medic would be there to give me the all important back up should I get the inevitable overheating weapons... Oh well just some more resin crack to buy :D

I'll work on a new 1000pts list, but also importantly get onto that critical 1500pts as I need to get gaming with it.

Time for pics, me thinks...

Company Commander

Master of the Fleet

Third Squad Trooper PiPs

Objective WIPs

Vendetta Pilots PiP

Thanks for looking and add your comments and feedback as there are always welcome.

Tuesday, August 3, 2010

Elysian Vet sergeant - PiP

So here I am, making another post... however this time with a little reservation for the Elysians / Air cav route.

I held a gaming weekend over the weekend inviting Mart, Dezartfox and Skuzzlebum. I played 4 games over Saturday evening and Sunday. 3 losses and a draw. We were playing 1000pts on 4x4 boards.

I was running:

Company Command Squad
4 x sniper rifles
1 x master of the fleet

Veteran squad
3 meltas

Veteran squad
3 meltas

Veteran squad
3 meltas

2 vendettas

1 vendetta
heavy bolters

1 vendetta
heavy bolters

Total 1000pts.

So the list wasn't too bad, I could maybe switch the snipers to flamers for a little more aggressive flushing tactics. Use these in co-op with the shotgun squad.

I really liked the vendettas with the 2 5pt heavy bolters. They were able to unleash a fusilade of fire that was a real treat.

So with this being my very first outting, I don't feel I did too bad. I've just a lot more to learn with this force and to get myself playing more to get those rules drummed into my head.

So after gaming I was really motivated to pick up the bristles and get to work with the third squad... and here is a PiP of the squad veteran sergeant.