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Wednesday, November 24, 2010

Throne of Skulls Game 1

So the ToS event was different from previous years in that you didn't receive an overall ranking unless you were the best of your codex or best of the tournament.

I was dubious going into the event as I had previously enjoyed the usual Swiss format tournament. However, I will say that this tourney was still great fun - just different.

The format was 5 games over two days with random missions. It was random table and opponent selection all weekend until Sunday when the top boys all started facing off.

So back to the important stuff, my tournament.

Game 1 - pitched battle, annihilation.
Opponent - Andrew Turnbuck
Army - Chaos Space marines.

Quick run down of my opponents force:

daemon prince with lash
2 oblits
Chaos lord in terminator armour
Chaos terminators with combi weapons
Land raider
1 squad 10 csm with a lascannon
1 squad cam with melta

The game started off Andrew got the first turn, so I did flat out scout moves to gain the 4+ cover save.

Andrew fired everything at the Valkyrie and vendettas, he was very unlucky and didn't damage anything.

My first turn, I launched a torrade of lascannon, heavy bolter, multi laser and missile fire at him. This ended with and immobilised land raider and vindicator.

From there on in Andrew blasted me off the table... Quite literally. I managed to destroy his vindicator.

It was a great game and Andrew was a great opponent. Lessons had been learnt and discussed over the ensuing lunch.

You'll notice as this is my first time doing post game reports these are very short and poorly images as I failed to take photos.

I'll aim to post 2 reports from Thursday onwards.

Tuesday, November 23, 2010

So here I am on the Tuesday after ToS and I've got to throw a very grateful thanks to Dezartfox over at The Vanus Temple for the great pics of my force he got.

So with no further ado, pics of the army displayed ready for best army judging!

So that was what I believe to be the sugar... especially considering they are not completed yet and the army went as a PiP.

Tomorrows post will be a quick round up of each of the games I played over the 2 days.

Monday, November 22, 2010

Throne of Skulls Winter 2010

Wow what a weekend, another fun enjoyable tournament with the usual great bunch of folk and the inevitable loud "I'm a idiot" nerds in attendance.

The tournament in question was Games Workshops Winter Throne of Skulls 2010. This was the tournament I have been working the elysians towards over he past few months and also the reason why I've not been posting recently as I have put my hobby focus 99% on painting and getting complete and the last 1% on Halo Reach.

I attended with my brother Mart from Marts Warhammer Blog and Tim from The Vanus Temple.

Halo Reach was an unfortunate delay to the whole project, resulting in the not so desirable effect of not being 100% complete.

So over this week I'm aiming to post a series of posts tat are rounding up the tournament and finally posting some pictures (I hope Tim got some decent photos). I'm also going to have a run down of my list, what I thought worked well and what I thought sucked monkey nuts. Also, future plans for the force will be included in both list and modelling forms.

So to appease the baying masses (If your out there somewhere) a PiP I took a couple of weeks ago and never got round to posting.