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Sunday, January 27, 2013

Joined a Tale of Gamers

So I've just joined a Tale of Gamers type thing. It's a group of gamers from Hulls Angels... Based in and around Hull UK.

The aim is to finish this year with a fully painted 1500pts force. Painting 250ptd every 2 months. This is just the approach I'm looking for no pressure to spend hours painting in the garage every night to achieve a monthly goal. It goes hand in hand with real life first.

So the link where this will all be happening and where you can catch up with the other gamers taking part in the Tale of Gamers.

Tuesday, January 15, 2013

WIP: Sculpting a cloak

So anyone that has been reading my posts will have seen in my previous post Link here that I had attempted to sculpt a cloak covered in fur. However, discussions in the comments echoed my own thoughts and I removed the cloak... I left it at that point for the Christmas period whilst I pondered what and how I could tackle the cloak.

The best tutorial I found on the article was from Ron at From the Warp. Link to article
I also added some studs to the model as well to try and make him a little more unique. Here's the tutorial on Drowned in Plastic I followed. Link to article