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Wednesday, February 1, 2012

A New Year and a new me

So I'm back, however, not with a vengeance, I'm still not that driven...yet.

So after an eventful January with the birth of my first child, Florence Lily - she's a little cutie! However, she is managing to sap my sleep and energy from me. Not only has she brought me only the joy fatherhood can bring, she has made me put Battlefield 3 down long enough to remember I have another hobby.

My plan for 2012 was to see the 205th take to the skies once more as a fully completed army, however when I sat down to actual do that, I wasn't inspired. I've not fallen out of love with them, but I think I can do a better job of painting them now... especially if I take my time and not rush them.

So I've decided to raise another small, elite but hard hitting force again - Logan Wing. I'm going to go about this differently though. I've already played Logan Wing (unsuccessfully) and I'm keen to use some different rules for variety of my life - rather than cheese. I will get called cheddar or stilton with my codex choice - I plan to create them using the Grey Knights Codex and make a Draigo wing. I think all of the war gear etc can easily be linked to SW wargear with names etc. It will mean I have to produce a crib sheet for my opponents. Which is no big issue and means I can crack out some artwork etc.

So I've actually started and I've started producing my Logan (Draigo). SO without further ado... onto the pics:

There's still a lot of work to do, he needs a cape (all big characters need a cape) and most important a beard of immense power! The Axe of Morkai still needs some work doing to it with some pipes etc adding to it, but I don't think it's too far off.

As you can see, I'm aiming to combine both the Space Wolf Terminators with the Grey Knight Terminators - creating, what I hope is a unique look. It's not something I have seen done before - if you have, maybe you could post some links.

Thanks for looking



Tim Davis said...

Looking AWESOME!

krom_stormbrow said...

Ta... I'm feeling quite chuffed with him so far, but time will tell... we know how ass my GS skills can be! :)

Mart said...

I.m not sure I like the use of dex, but the converted GK to Wolf Wing will look awesome. I guess the Wolf Wing with the SW dex has its issues as well. I like the pose and its something I would like to do with my WE TErmies if I can. Not sure how easy they will convert.

Nice pose makes the haevy armour look more dynamic.

And dont change painting styles half way on these!