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Monday, February 13, 2012

High Exemplar Kreos

High there

Just thought I'd post a picky to say I'm not dead.

I've spent the weekend building myself a soft box for photographing models. Made with an office filing box and tracing paper. I was really pleased with the result.

As for the model it's one I started painting quite awhile ago, but never finished. I made a few progressions with my painting whilst doing this.

C&C welcome


Neil Kerr aka Skcuzzlebumm said...

Like the gold, and the fact you have taken the effort to highlight it (something most people don't bother with).

My only complaint is that the purple looks a little too flat and maybe a final slightly extreme highlight might make it and the details it covers pop out a bit more.

krom_stormbrow said...

The red / purple was one area I'd not finished. At the time I was glazing blue in the recesses, but it was coming out more purple... understandable when you think of basic colour theory.

I do plan to return to painting my warmachine models once I've completed a new 40k force. When I do, I'll start by tidying the white on the robe. the highlight just looks a bit slapped. I'll also finish the red and the iconography.

The red I intend to highlight up using a mix of blazing orange and dwarf flesh with the red. Once those are done, I'll consider him finished enough. But seeing as he isn't my main warcaster I've found him to be an excellent tutorial in painting. Harbinger is going to a whole different affair...