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Tuesday, February 1, 2011

Small update Valk interior weathered

So here's a quick update. I've been working on getting models up to scratch for going to doubles. My fellow team mate is Dezartfox over at the vanus temple. He's running a blood angel list and taking a storm raven with him.

We've come to the decision that it's not going to be killer all comers list that can handle everything... though we will look cool. Or as cool as nerds with lots of toy planes can be :)

So this was the interior at 10.00pm last night.

After creating a wash using graveyard earth and mig weathring powder made fluid with screen wash concentrate... no water added ;) then apply to where you want the dust to be. I then dried it with a hot air blower. I then use a stiff drybrush to "dust" where the dried paint pigment was, blending it in.

Same again, but with a desert coloured pigment. The key to the weathering is layers, as is always with painting models. Another key point is variation in colours and shades... in my opinion anyway.

I've also added a key bit of bare metal as well. I went to the great expense of sourcing the best weathering pigment in a metal shade... scrapings from a pencil :)

Rub my finger in it and them where I want bare metal applied.

The boys relaxing before they are dropped into battle.

And a token exterior photo.


Dezartfox said...

Yeah yeah I'm painting ;)

Looking excellent!

Tyr said...


krom_stormbrow said...

Thanks for the comments so far guys.

@ Dezartfox - get painting!

Mart said...

OK I suppose. Overall.

Dezartfox is mucking about with conversions that have nothing to do your doubles army, just thought I'd share.

Neil Kerr aka Skcuzzlebumm said...

Piers you are slightly mad you know.

Most Geeks, myself included just glue the exterior doors shut and ignore painting the interior... you are not only doing that but also converting it!!!

Best army UK 40K GT me thinks