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Sunday, February 6, 2011

Nerd Splurge!!!!!

Wow, I went down to the exhibition held by my local war-games club today. It's an event called Vapnartak. It's a great little event for finding the occasional little gem.

Vapnartak is predominantly a historical war-games event, however games such as 40k and warmachine have been worming their way in. So much so that the 40k tournament being held there, managed to garner the prime spot!

Is was originally going to attend the tournament; a great little 1,000pts compt'd event. However, I had the opportunity to go to a comedy gig the night before.

So I popped down to see how the tourney was progressing and consider buying some Pegasus terrain... If it was there.

That's when what I can only describe as madness hit me. It's something that I think is a dormant beast residing within all gamers. I call it Nerd Splurge!

Basically, the average gamer turns into a spending idiot because they are at an event, with little or no thought of the repercussion.

So what was the result of my Nerd Splurge.

The blue crystal chessex dice.

Incursion - I have considering this for awhile.

Posh static grass... Though thus stuff is awesome

Shot of what you get with a paint pot for scale... It's double sided as well.

And a shot of it on a base.

Vallejo varnishes, matte medium and glaze medium

Vallejo fluro paints and my attempt to find and an alternative to brazen brass

So there we go... Did I need any of it? No! Am I chuffed with the result? Yes. Do I regret it? Partially, but I'll get over that.

So tell me about you Nerd Splurges.


Mart said...

That brass is more like dwarf bronze I tried it!

The static grass looks good, have you got the website of the seller?

krom_stormbrow said...

The tufts are from Mutineer Miniatures

However, the manufacturer is miniNatur, they are a German firm I believe. I originally heard of mininatur over at Massive Voodoo

BlueRonin said...

I've used such grass myself, the results are great! They look especially awesome on your bases!