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Friday, December 31, 2010

Help Required: UH-60 Blackhawk rappel kit

Hi blogosphere

I'm in need of a little assistance, i'm looking for reference as to how the UH-60 Blackhawks or similar mount their rappel lines. I'm adding some detailing to my valks and vendettas such as rappel lines and I cant find anything worth while for me to make an accurate guess at it,

Maybe you know of some great ref pictures... Maybe you took the pictures... Maybe you know of a great kit on the Market place I could plunder for parts (scale permitting). 1/48th I believe is roughly close.

And lastly, have a great new year.


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#2501 said...

Looks like there's a mounting point just inside the door, dude. Zoom in on this:

Captain Kellen said...

I was a Blackhawk Mechanic/Crewmember for 21 years...

There are two ways to mount repelling gear in the cargo area.

1. If you are fast roping (the oversized big bungee type) you mount a bar from one cargo door to the next in the ceiling and put one line out each side. The bar is retractable to a point so you can mount the bar and then retract it to close the door.

The large rope stretches as you grab onto the thing and slide down. You are not tied to this rope and thus some accidents happen where repellers will miss the rope and plummet to the ground.

2. The second way is that the ropes used for reppelling are tied to the floor in the cargo rings. Usually there are four lines, two out each side. Four guys get ready to repell in each corner of the cargo area but only two go down at a time diagonally across from each other. (It's to keep the helicopter stable at a hover.)

At each corner of the cargo door, top and bottom/left and right there is a tie down ring plus multiple tie down rings on the floor. The rings on the floor are rated at 8000 lbs each while the corner rings, mentioned at the begining, are only rated at 3000 lbs.

I'll check back later if you have any questions.


krom_stormbrow said...

Wow, thanks for replies guys.

@ Captain Kellen

Option 1 is the retractable bar acros the doorway or does it stretch across the inside of the cabin to the opposite door?

Option 2 sounds a much more complex affair... Though a lot safer.

Which of these two would be best represented by the line going around the absailee? Almost in a seat fashion.

Thanks so much... I never thought I would actually find someone with hands on experience of the UH-60

Captain Kellen said...

1. The bar Stretches from one side of the aircraft to the next above the seats. It's centered as much as possible so that when you go out you are centered in the door.

2. I'd go with option one and not worry about how the guys are tied to the rope. It would be easier to model and will still look great.

Also, I think the the side doors on the valk are a bit small for two guys trying to get out at once. Maybe out the open door in the back but not the side.