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Thursday, August 26, 2010

Space Marine Statue

So Just wanted to share my latest terrain purchases.

The Space Marine Statue.

For £15 this set is fantastic, the join lines on it are awful. I even started to put some ever trusted squadron green putty (neat) to fill the gaps. It would have been a monster job so I gave up and decided that they would be part of the construction by the imperials.

I decided on a weathered brass statue... boring I know, but I wanted to trial a technique I saw over at massive voodoo using polished metal and oil paints. Find it here. Obviously this is a plastic model, but I decided the technique would work just as well.

The process was:
Black Undercoat
3-4 coats of thinned brazen brass
Drybrush of Brazen brass / chainmail mix (1:1)
Gloss varnish
Oil wash/paint W& Lamp Oil black all over (touch of burnt umber added to the mix as well)
Allowed white spirits to evaporate
Drybrush the model with a clean dry flat brush (never wash brush during process, just wipe on toilet roll or a rag)
Leave to dry
Matt Varnish and apply a verdigis mix of Hawk Turquoise, Orkhide, Skull white (8:1:1)
Varnish again.

And here is the finished result

Let me know what you think or any questions about the process.