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Thursday, August 26, 2010

Space Marine Statue

So Just wanted to share my latest terrain purchases.

The Space Marine Statue.

For £15 this set is fantastic, the join lines on it are awful. I even started to put some ever trusted squadron green putty (neat) to fill the gaps. It would have been a monster job so I gave up and decided that they would be part of the construction by the imperials.

I decided on a weathered brass statue... boring I know, but I wanted to trial a technique I saw over at massive voodoo using polished metal and oil paints. Find it here. Obviously this is a plastic model, but I decided the technique would work just as well.

The process was:
Black Undercoat
3-4 coats of thinned brazen brass
Drybrush of Brazen brass / chainmail mix (1:1)
Gloss varnish
Oil wash/paint W& Lamp Oil black all over (touch of burnt umber added to the mix as well)
Allowed white spirits to evaporate
Drybrush the model with a clean dry flat brush (never wash brush during process, just wipe on toilet roll or a rag)
Leave to dry
Matt Varnish and apply a verdigis mix of Hawk Turquoise, Orkhide, Skull white (8:1:1)
Varnish again.

And here is the finished result

Let me know what you think or any questions about the process.


Dezartfox said...

Looking good
I forgot this kit existed!

krom_stormbrow said...

Yea it's a great kit for quickly adding some interest or objectives to the terrain

Mart said...

Damn GW for discontinuing Brazen brass damn them to the pits of hell from whence they came.

Nice effect, Im going to use that. Though not with Brazen Brass... I thought I had a spare pot - I didnt - Long story.

the_ape said...

Very cool :)