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Tuesday, August 3, 2010

Elysian Vet sergeant - PiP

So here I am, making another post... however this time with a little reservation for the Elysians / Air cav route.

I held a gaming weekend over the weekend inviting Mart, Dezartfox and Skuzzlebum. I played 4 games over Saturday evening and Sunday. 3 losses and a draw. We were playing 1000pts on 4x4 boards.

I was running:

Company Command Squad
4 x sniper rifles
1 x master of the fleet

Veteran squad
3 meltas

Veteran squad
3 meltas

Veteran squad
3 meltas

2 vendettas

1 vendetta
heavy bolters

1 vendetta
heavy bolters

Total 1000pts.

So the list wasn't too bad, I could maybe switch the snipers to flamers for a little more aggressive flushing tactics. Use these in co-op with the shotgun squad.

I really liked the vendettas with the 2 5pt heavy bolters. They were able to unleash a fusilade of fire that was a real treat.

So with this being my very first outting, I don't feel I did too bad. I've just a lot more to learn with this force and to get myself playing more to get those rules drummed into my head.

So after gaming I was really motivated to pick up the bristles and get to work with the third squad... and here is a PiP of the squad veteran sergeant.


Mart said...

The problem is they are a bit prone as you can see them all the time and with armour 12, they are not weak, but neither strong.

Maybe you should either give them some ground support.... or be prepared to unload the men quicker in strategic positions. Tho against my wrath of Kan list maybe didnt seem that tempting. If you had done that I may have spread out my kanz more and lost the 4+ save from my big mek, your Vendettas would have taken them down easier as well...

Admiral Drax said...

Mate - your stuff is awesome. I look forward to exploring more of your posts.

And you're going on the blogroll for certain-sure!

- Drax.

krom_stormbrow said...

Thanks admiral. I'm glad you like it, especially from such a renowned blogger :)

I've loads to learn with the force gaming, and in the painting, so I hope you will see the progression as I go.

Von Muller said...

Try fitting auto cannons into your vet squads, they are worth every single point, they can deal with light armour at long range, enemy infantry disappear in puffs of red mist.

Your army is really nice mate, I love the Elysian troops, schemes nice.

krom_stormbrow said...

Cheers forthatvon muller. I'll look at I can fit. An alternative coiled be some missile launcher heavy weapon squads. Plus the Elysian models for them ar fab.

the_ape said...

Autocannons are one of the most effective heavy weapons the guard has in this edition (I may have some spares lying around if you need a few). The missile launcher teams do look ace though.

Sweet models btw-can definitely tell you are putting a lot of effort into them!

krom_stormbrow said...

The issue with auto cannons is that although thy may be effective, they don't fit the air cavalry style of theme. Lightly equipped killers dropping in from vales as a strike team.

Thanks for the kind words about the force.