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Saturday, May 1, 2010

Feeling removed from the hobby

Wow, life has been absolutely chocka block these past few months. Work has been busy, home life full of jobs, chores and events... leaving minimal time for the Elysians.

However, I have not totally avoided the hobby completely. I had a gaming weekend a few weeks back, a few buddies came round.

Mart007 brought his Orks, TheApe brought his Mech IG and Dezartfox brought his Sanguinary Guard force round. We hit a 1750pts limit as we have Open War coming at the end of the month of May so practise was in order.

All the games I played were from the Battle missions book, and I've got to say I thoroughly enjoyed every single one of them. I will come back and perform a proper review at a later date.

Anyway, apart from getting some games in I've been painting some more Space Wolves for my wolfwing list.

Enough Jibber Jabber... I've got some painting to finish!