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Thursday, February 18, 2010

So here we go...

Well here we go, the first ever post of the Elysian 205th.

So why have I started a blog? Well I've always liked the idea of blogging and I've really got into reading everyone else’s blog’s and I though why the bloody hell shouldn’t I well that could be one route of reason or it could be because I have taken up a real challenge with try to produce as an effective Elysian Drop Trooper force as I can with the new IG codex.

So what’s the plan for the blog?

Well, I really want to be able to try and track my progress with the 205ths and my various other modeling / painting projects. I find that I suffer from serious real life issues that just stop me from doing anything. This is a mix of normal life stuff my family throws at me… and I love to make sure things are sorted and a serious position of laziness.

So who am I, and what’s my background?

Well I started gaming back in the days of Rogue Trader. I was way too young (9yrs old) to understand such a complex game. I started because my brother did (you may know him or heard of him, most notably on minus1modifier – Mart007). We started the game, but didn’t realize how complex it was… I mean a games master to run a game of 40K, so anyone that moans the rules are rubbish now – should have gamed in those days.

After the RT days, which thankfully we joined at the end, we got going with 2nd Ed and by george was it a much more intuitive game. It truly was the start of the game we know and love today. I played orks, I started with them in RT with the plastic space orks box set… and as Mart007 will happily tell you, I painted a head yellow and black and called the plucky chap “Nuke”…

What a Noob!

My brother had started with the metal guardians, but quickly switched to space wolves when they originally arrived. When 2
nd Ed came he quickly switched to Orks as he fell in love with their crazy out there nature… well naturally I grabbed the opportunity to grab the wolves and that where the love for them started and flourished.

And that is history and this is now! I still very much play the space wolves, though in a slightly different form… I still have normal PA wolves, though they need some adjustments for the new rules… I currently run a wolf wing list. It was relatively successful at GT: H2 2009… considering it was my first ever tournament.

But this is predominantly about what I’m doing now. So I plan to return to GT: H2 2010, but this time with Imperial Guard. Ever since I saw the Forge World Elysian models I wanted a run an air cavalry force of them. However, I bought one of the forge world valkyries and it was a shockingly bad model. Needless to say it put me off. Once GW released their all-plastic valkyrie model I knew the time had come.

So the 205th were born.

Over the course of this blog I will look at the army lists I’m considering using… and boy do I hope to receive some feedback… painting, modeling, tactics and a host of my other hobbyng antics.

I’m also hoping that I can wrangle in the help of a few of my friends.

So just to finalise I would like to say welcome and put your feet up. And here’s a few sites to read whilst I get things here going.

The Vanus Temple