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Monday, February 4, 2013

6th edition list revision... We go back for a little more turkey

Space WolvesWell, my hobby mojo is still flowing... I'm still doing stuff :D

Slowly, but progress. Though I feel it might take a hit in the near future. I had taken myself away to the man cave for a little painting time - when my daughter started crying like a loon - she's caught a nasty cold and cough from nursery. I feel there will be more of this to come.

So whilst I've been struggling to get much time in the garage I have been considering my army list, which seems to have been hit by 6th Edition. I've been chatting quite a bit with Tim from The Vanus Temple about my list. He's also still fairly green with 6th, but he's had more games of it than me and he's always been generally quite good with army lists anyway.

So with some minor jiggling of the list around - no change in models, but re-organising units the list has taken a slightly different approach.

Logan Grimnar - 275pts

Rune Priest - 150pts
TDA, Storm Bolter, Runic Weapon, Chooser of the Slain, wolf Tooth Necklace and saga of the beast slayer
Powers: Jaws of the World Wolf, Living Lightning ( this may get swapped for divination powers)

Dreadnought - 165pts
Multi melta, close combat weapon, heavy flamer, extra armour, drop pod

Dreadnought - 165pts
Multi melta, close combat weapon, heavy flamer, extra armour, drop pod

Wolf Guard Squad 1 - 194pts
1 Wolf Guard Terminator, Thunder Hammer, Storm Shield - 63pts
1 Wolf Guard Terminator, Storm Shield, Power Weapon - 48pts
1 Wolf Guard Terminator, Storm Shield, Power Weapon - 48pts
Drop Pod - 35pts

Wolf guard squad 2 - 280pts
1 Wolf Guard Terminator, Storm Bolter, Power Weapon - 33pts
1 Wolf Guard Terminator, Assault Cannon, Power Fist - 73pts
1 Wolf Guard Terminator, Combi-Melta, Power Weapon - 38pts
1 Wolf Guard Terminator, Combi-Melta, Power Fist 48pts
1 Wolf Guard Terminator, Combi-Melta, Chain Fist - 53pts
Drop Pod - 35pts

Wolf guard squad 3 - 265pts
1 Wolf Guard Terminator, Storm Bolter, Chain Fist - 48pts
1 Wolf Guard Terminator, Storm Bolter, Power Weapon - 33pts
1 Wolf Guard Terminator, Cyclone Missile Launcher, Storm Bolter, Power Fist - 73pts
1 Wolf Guard Terminator, Storm Bolter, Power Fist - 43pts
1 Wolf Guard Terminator, Storm Bolter, Power Weapon - 33 pts
Drop Pod - 35pts

The Idea is for Logan and the Rune Priest to join Wolf Guard Squad 1 (I need to think of some cool names for these units). This is my close assault unit. And it's quite a nasty force to be reckoned with in combat I think.

Wolf Guard squad 2 is my tank/flyer/monstrous creature hunters - these guys need to be paired quite closely with one or potentially both dreads. You've guessed it. They are going to go and attempt to mass melta as much as possible.

Wolf Guard squad 3 is my sit back and hold objectives unit.

As a whole they will be fairly survivable now as 2+ saves have got better, but my biggest issue is probability will catch me out. there is only so long I can avoid rolling a 1!!

The other issue with this force is the amount of axes I have modelled onto the force... Why on earth have they made axes so good - yet such a disadvantage. Obviously this list was designed with 5th edition in mind at the time, dreads and built for wound allocation. When I chose to use power weapons it was so that I had a least a few models that weren't hitting at I1... However, I now only have I think 3 models that can hit in initiative order... the rest at hitting last in combat... all be it, when they hit it's going to be like a herd of buffalo stamping on their heads.

I'm hoping to post pics of my finished wolf guard by the end of the week. I also intend to try and get the armour airbrushed on for wolf guard squad 2 by the end of this week as well.

Onwards and upwards!



Unknown said...

Happy New Year!

Good to see you've still got some of that Mojo! Look forward to picture!

Best wishes for a speedy recovery for your daughter!

krom_stormbrow said...

Cheers Buddy.

How are you and yours?

Unknown said...

All good! Girls are growing, and I'm still painting away - but suck at pictures and blog updates ;)

Marts Warhammer said...

I reckon its a good list the drop podding dreds will be nasty. Just as long as you avoid rolling 1s on the armour saves it'll be fine!

krom_stormbrow said...

Sounds the same as me, however I'm rubbish at posting pics and getting the paint down.

You guys got anymore UK warhammer world trips planned?

krom_stormbrow said...

The dreads will be more of a shock tactic, from all accounts, dreads have been nerfed in 6th edition due to the revised vehicle rules. SO I think they'll shock people, but they drop quickly.

And not rolling 1s is the name of a wing list...

Brax Jaxon said...

With your last comment in mind, and given that there is a possibility of amending models, my thoughts are to drop extra armour from the dreads and add Wolf Claws where you had power swords.

My own experiences with 6th are that if you want a strength boost, it may as well be a power fist to make sure, and if you want to wound on regular strength, make sure you get a re-roll.

There is no gain to wound allocation anymore, just buy a grunt version (perhaps this one leave with an axe/sword) and have hi stand forward. Until he dies, he's your focus for positioning.

Like you said, the dreadnoughts wont last so extra armour is 15 points of hopes and dreams that won't keep you around that much longer. Remember that weapon stripping is now random, so your opponent isn't necessarily going to get his first choice if that result comes up. Just pointing this one out in case you had over looked it.

To tackle fliers you don't really want to rely on one shot melta. In the main, a few plasma shots will give you a better chance. Furthermore, Plasmas combined with a fully dropping army will give you a better chance of side/rear armour shots which a plasma gun will usually work ok with. Plasma also means more shots when it comes to shooting marines or lesser infantry, and you do need to factor in that a small army has always struggled against weight of numbers.

Again with the fliers, perhaps a TL Lascannon on at least one dread may be a good idea. Sure it isn't as punchy verses Landraiders, but a) you, Tim and I aside, I've never seen that many people use more than one in a regular game. b) a lascannon can still penetrate AV14 and c) it gives you a better chance of hitting, especially given 6s are needed to hit a flier.

You may benefit from adding a ranged weapon (possibly a cyclone) to squad 1. You can't charge on the turn the drop dop arrives, so a ranged weapon shall allow you to do something other than run. You can also obviously use it and still charge and it gives you yet more anti armour, and a bit of anti horde should you need it.

Just some thoughts to consider there. I appreciate that some models have been started and you won't want to tear them apart (one example of super glue is better than poly cement - dodgy kidneys FTW!) and also that 1500 does limit options somewhat as you just can't pack everything in.

krom_stormbrow said...

... Thanks, ill bear all these excellent points in mind when I do the next for e. all the models are built already. :D

Only one I could exchange is one melta dread to a plasma cannon. If I can organise w cyclone for squad 1 I will, but I'm not sure how it'll look on he models.

Anyone have a spare?