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Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Elysian Troopers and Valkyrie weathering

Just wanted to post a quick update of my progress for the GW Doubles Throne of Skulls additions. All I need to do to my force is these 4 snipers ready for the command squad and weather the Valkyries.

So here are the Snipers. finished, but require the addition of a single bipod leg that dropped off during undercoating.

Weathering of the valks. I've taken pictures through the process to try and give you a bit of an idea to my process of weathering.

So far the models have been base coated, panel highlighted, decals, sponge weathered (I'll do a tutorial on this once I'm past doubles :) ) and had Klear (Future) airbrushed over them. Alway 2 coats to begin with as the first layer soaks into the under lying paint. I should also note this is the old formula of Klear I have used.

This is the inside of the valk. I've not gone crazy with painting details in here as most of the time the top will be closed. Again base coat, sponging and varnished with Klear.

So using a wash created with oil paints and white spirits (Lamp Oil Black + Burnt Umber), this wants to be quite thin... but not too thin - (Once you get using it it's quick to understand). Too Thin, colour doesn't show enough but critical it spreads quicker than hot butter. Too thick and the mix won't flow.

What we are looking to achieve is a consistency where if you load your brush and touch a recess you see the paint start flowing through the cracks, crevices and nooks without spreading where you don't want it.

Here's the interior with the wash starting to bee applied. If you look closely you'll see where the mix wasn't quite right. Though it's not the end of the world as we can go back with a cue tip moistened with white spirits.

And the roof of the valk, you gan see around the details at the bottom of the image where the wash has flowed and where I was also a bit sloppy with application.

And here is the start of the exterior. I took a shot of the wing after flowing the wash into all of the details.

And here is a shot of the wing after using a soft flat brush moistened with white spirits and dragged along the wing. After progress times passing from front to back on the wing, I finally got too this position. I'm quite happy with this and I'll replicate across the whole model.

Once I have done that I'll lay down another thin layer of klear with the airbrush to protect this layer before applying small streaks of white paint to do the same streaking effect. After the white, I'll just touch up and of the recesses that might have white paint flowed into them.

So that's it for the time being. I'll get some more shots tonight / tomorrow hopefully.


Marts Warhammer said...

Are you going to matt the seats down? ;)

Unknown said...

You are well talented, Piers! Thanks for sharing, lots of very useful tips! I'll be using some on my Marauder!

Colonel Winterborne said...

I've been browsing through your posts and the army looks fantastic! It is a pleasure to see such a great Elysian army. Well done! Im a big fan of your master of the fleet conversion, I too used the model with a head swap for my Praetorian Colonel!