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Friday, July 16, 2010

Picture update, Still PiP

Right well after a little harassment I took some photos of the two elysian squads I've been working on. They still require a few tweaks, but they are not far off.

Squad 1

Squad 2

Base for 1st squad 3 melta gunner

No painting this eveing as I'm going to frazzle my mind watching inception. Though I aim to fully complete painting these guys on Saturday and Spend part of Sunday painting Valkyrie interiors :)

Monday, July 12, 2010

The blog is coming along

Hi Everyone

Well I've been busy the last few days. What with sorting the garden with the wife... How I hate trimming the conifer hedge... though I do get to play with my own chainsword (hedge trimmer).

I've also managed to get some painting time in as well. The first squad of vets (using lascutters as meltas) is very nearly done, just need to finish visors, the lens on las cutters helmets, weapons and go in with some devlan mud and badab black for some shading.

Squad 3 (Shotgun vets) are also nearly completed... though I still need to buy some more resin crack to complete the squad (3 meltas and a single cadian FW shotgun vet. Similar items to get these guys finished painting wise.

After these it's onto squad 2, I missed these and went straight to Squad 3 as I fancied a lasgun break :)

I also managed to do some more valkyrie building done. I got Valk 3 & 4 done, they just need some sanding of mold lines on the wing tip jets before they receive a blast of grey primer. I plan to get these two primed and then have a big airbrush and weathering session in between squad 2 and squad 4.

I've also, as you may see from the header made myself a new title banner. I think I'll change it again down the line but it was the first effort and we've all got to start from something so that we can improve upon.

Anyways. I'll get some pictures once these two squads are completed.


Friday, July 9, 2010

Work and the aftermath

So we finally have some more pics available. Woo Hoo!

Squad 1

And squad 3

And the prevailing aftermath of some more Valkyrie construction and modelling of bases.

I'm hoping to by the end of Saturday, see squad 1 completed and squad 3 well on the way.... though I still need to go buying some items for them.

Monday, July 5, 2010

Finally some pics...

So finally I have some images of the Elysians.

First Valkyrie Interior (WIP)

And here is one of my objective markers (WIP)

I'll get some more up-to-date shots of the first 10 man veteran squad this week.