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Sunday, January 27, 2013

Joined a Tale of Gamers

So I've just joined a Tale of Gamers type thing. It's a group of gamers from Hulls Angels... Based in and around Hull UK.

The aim is to finish this year with a fully painted 1500pts force. Painting 250ptd every 2 months. This is just the approach I'm looking for no pressure to spend hours painting in the garage every night to achieve a monthly goal. It goes hand in hand with real life first.

So the link where this will all be happening and where you can catch up with the other gamers taking part in the Tale of Gamers.

Once the blog is up and running i'll compile a quick run down of who has entered, a link to their blog and a pic of the activity so far.

Unfortunately it looks like I will fail to hit the first 2 month milestone... As I'm late to the party and the Logan wing are still being built... Eeek. However I am hoping I can catch up in the next phase as each unit in my force is roughly 250pts. In fact depending on the close, I could just paint Logan and he would be my 250pts :D

And a quick update on progress with the force.

Space Wolf Terminator Cloak Conversion

Space Wolf Terminator Cloak Conversion

Space Wolf Terminator Cloak Conversion

Space Wolf Terminator Cloak Conversion
I'm sorry one of the shots is a bit blurred, I ended up not taking these on the tripod as I could find the mounting plate. Essentially what has happened here is the adding of fur the second model at the top of the cloak. And with the first I finished his weapon load out - in games this will count as a chainfist, added a cloak and then came back and sculpted some folds. I was a tidy as I like, but I'm going to be mounting a shield on his back, so I didn't want to get too carried away.

Once these guys are finished - which, I think they might not be far off bar some tidying, I need to re-visit the rune priest. I'm not happy with his force staff top, so I think I really need to fix it :(... Just when you think your taking steps forward something brings you back.




Brax Jaxon said...

You do have until the end of February you know?

So yeah, Logan on his own would fit the bill, or even an Aegis Line with Quad Gun and another character perhaps?

krom_stormbrow said...

Only until end of Feb.... You do realise this army has taken me 1 year already?

I'm thinking I am going to get on with painting soon though. I'm aiming to finish modelling the troops by the end of this week and then it's onto painting...

Brax Jaxon said...

Excuses excuses. You are starting to sound like me pup.

krom_stormbrow said...

It's pains me to even consider that true... But I think it's probably quite an accurate fact

Marts Warhammer said...

Just paint a couple of the buggers! You'll hit the points!!

krom_stormbrow said...

Painting will commence next weekend I hope.