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Tuesday, January 15, 2013

WIP: Sculpting a cloak

So anyone that has been reading my posts will have seen in my previous post Link here that I had attempted to sculpt a cloak covered in fur. However, discussions in the comments echoed my own thoughts and I removed the cloak... I left it at that point for the Christmas period whilst I pondered what and how I could tackle the cloak.

The best tutorial I found on the article was from Ron at From the Warp. Link to article
I also added some studs to the model as well to try and make him a little more unique. Here's the tutorial on Drowned in Plastic I followed. Link to article

So with Information in hand I set about sculpting a new cloak. This is currently work in progress as I intend to add fur at the top of the cloak, so all the rough putty work will be covered as it's there to just bulk things out slightly and add some definition for folds etc. So on with the pics of the chap.

Space Wolf Terminator Cloak Conversion

Space Wolf Terminator Cloak Conversion

Space Wolf Terminator Cloak Conversion

 As always C&C welcomed. Hopefully the pics are bigger this time and can actually be seen. I'll keep posting progress of this guy as it happens - but as with all my hobby time at the moment don't expect updates to happen particularly often ;)



Colonel Winterborne said...

Looking good, very dynamic. Was all that green stuff done in one sitting?

krom_stormbrow said...

Thanks, it rhe first time doing anything like this, so ive seen styff that can be proves already. 

The green stuff was all one sitting roughly 1hr. The grey was the following evening.

I might treat myself to visiting the man cave tomorrow and cracking the chap stick out (my favoured lubricant for its ease of use... Snigger) to add a layer too smooth things out and add some more definition prior to doing the fur layer..

the_ape said...

Good effort. You're definitely getting better at the old greenstuff manipulation.