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Sunday, December 2, 2012

Loganwing progress

Ok ok... So I was starting to paint and I spent around 4hrs on the one guy to date and all was going well, however the toe being dipped in got slightly more drenched and I've jumped straight in (as much as family time allows).

So rather than paint I've been working on the rest of the models and getting those right ready for painting.

I've been detailing with some brass etch and some fur details I've sculpted myself and some of it using a fur mold I got from Germany. So onto some pics for this update.
More after the jump.

The rune priest has had his cloak sculpted with fur now so that it blends in (can't see in this pic)
Space Wolf Rune Priest Conversion

Space Wolf Terminator Conversion

A cheeky glimpse of things to come for this force :)
Forgeworld Space Wolf Relic Contemptor Dreadnought

Space Wolf Terminator Conversion

Space Wolf Terminator Conversion

Most of these guys don't seem different from before, however they have all had detailing bits added such as fur pelts or brass etch.

Things are still progressing slowly, but my desire to get these completed at the modelling stage is at an all time high which is great. Once these are built it will be a big desk tidy time so that I have a clean work space for painting. I'm also going to be taking my first step into casting my own bases as well.

As always C&C of any nature are welcomed.



Dezartfox said...

Look excellent! :)

krom_stormbrow said...

Thanking you tim. It's almost painful how long it takes to model things that have more to them than the usual models. Plus scraping and filing mould lines is a royal pain in the backside.

BlueRonin said...

Good to see you crankin' out some hobby work there, bro!

Andy - bG said...

They look absolutely brilliant, such great poses and some lovely details. Would be great to get some slightly bigger pics to really be able to see the details. Can't wait to see them with paint on.

krom_stormbrow said...

Thanks Andy - I do need to do bigger pics - the challenge of taking quick snas on the phone and using the blogger app.

Thanks for the comments - I'm hoping the next couple of weeks will see all the modelling done. I have two guys to finish - one requires a full wolf pelt cloak sculpting and the second one is based on Tyberos the red wake...

Oh and the second Dred needs completing :)

the_ape said...

Nice to see you haven't given up :)

Looking forward to the pics of them all painted up. I know how it is with having to juggle family/work and then trying to squeeze some time in for hobby stuff!