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Saturday, July 2, 2011

Gaming weekend

So I have a gaming weekend coming up... or at least a gaming day drinking night and possible gaming morning...

I have my freshly painted realm of battle board... pics to come, my menoth army for warmachine ready (starter set) and my Elysian army 1500pts per my previous post I'm having to proxy to of the tauros venators with tauros... but I know the guys won't mind :D

I also picked up this week a new pack of elysian troopers and the elysian hq command set. Interestingly I think they made a boob with so e of the content, as I received two copies of a few of the sprues. This may be intentional... but I'm unsure, maybe someone else has had the same with this pack?

Hopefully by the end of the weekend, ill have managed to have tested my army and find any weaknesses that might be there.. such as the loss of the vulture!

In addition I have seen I missed some comments made on some previous posts that had been marked for moderation for some reason. so if I have not replied, I'm sorry and if there was a specific question, I will come round and answer them all in a single post for ease! :)


Mart said...

great weekend, Warmachine.