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Tuesday, June 14, 2011

Day two of building my first diorama

Wowser... so soon I here you say???? Well the posting boob was all my fault and I apologise for that.

So onto the ultra cool and exciting stuff :D I received a package in the post today containg a few new cool items: Mig Acrylic Resin, Mig Thinners for washes, Mig Pigment fixer: Some great sanding boards, Tamiya putty and some Mig brown for desert filter.

So I've applied some filter to the chassis and parts of the Tauros Venator, but I didn't take pics as the difference isn't too noticeable by camera. Basically th filter works very similar to a glaze and is applied to alter the hue of the model, rather than shade it.

I also got onto doing the ground works for the base as well. Using a mix of plaster, Mig acrylic resin, matt varnish, Mig Gulf war sand,beach sand, light dust and europe dust I made a sickly looking paste/mix

Elysian Tauros Venator Diorama

Elysian Tauros Venator Diorama

Yeah, don't worry, it does look like I've had a botty accident in the plastic cup, but I do assure you it is the mix from above... Oh I also added tamiya buff paint and some model scenics medium buff ballast.

Then using an old paint brush I painted / stabbed this onto the base.

Elysian Tauros Venator Diorama

Looks like cool wet mud at the moment, but it is drying a nice colour.  Tomorrow I plan to lay a dust coat down with the airbrush before adding another small amount of mix with a litter colour to it and alternative mix formula.

In addition to this I also applied gulf sand pigment to the wheel before applying pigment fixer in a circular motion towards the centre of the wheel hub. I'll take phtos of this tomorrow so that the full effect can be seen.

Until tomorrow night.



Mart said...

looks good, maybe add a dusting of pigment on the road as it looks a bit to clean at the mo. The mud looks good tho.

krom_stormbrow said...

I will be dusting the road. Unfortunately I can't do that yet as the mud is still wet and it would just end up as a mess.

As for the mud, this is just the fist layer of material, I'm aiming for desert dust so I'll be applying a dust layer with the airbrush and also making a slightly different mix of earth works so that it looks a lot dryer and duster.

Mart said...

is this how your doing your RoB as well?