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Friday, March 4, 2011

Back to Basics Pt2

So after finally getting round to finishing this guy or sort of finishing him, I took a few quick snaps.

I didn't go too far with this guy getting into the weathering etc as I know I can achieve that look. I'm relatively happy with this guy, though I think I can definately improve my edge highlighting technique!

Anyway here's a couple of snaps.

painting basics

painting basics

Anyway, comments on points to improve would be greatly appreciated :)


vorropohaiah (A.K.A nathan, nelchael, synapse, dichotomancer...) said...

thats a nice strong blue colour, not too different to the one i used on my own ultramarines. a few squads of these guys will look great on the table together and i think desert bases (if thats still the idea) is a good way to contrast the blue and make it pop even more