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Saturday, May 14, 2011

So.... I better do an update before I lapse into my old self huh?

Well in my last post I discussed I'd been building a new work bench for my hobby zone (or garage to a non hobbyist!).

I basically built a large bench using Formica (kitchen worktop), smooth timber, screws, blood, sweat, a cel power8 workshop and some google sketch up.

And this is my current state of affairs.


Fairly swish I must say. It needs some more work such as wall brackets for the speakers and some sort of hanging shelf underneath for the amp. You may also note that within that shot there is also a rather "slick" bookcase... You'd be right if you guessed it had been crafted by my own hand and the nifty power8 workshop in the left of the image.

Here it is

hobby space

Ok there might be a slight angle to it... But it was built from my last gaming board. A fitting end to an old friend, after years of having dice, models and rules thrown down on it, it is now a perfect storage facility for all my rulebooks and gaming aid paraphernalia.

So onto the new kid on the block... The Realms of Battle Board! Basically it's going to be a desert board and have some cool as monkey poo terrain on it!

I've textured with sand so far... And the pics to prove that fact!

terrain building realm of battle board

terrain building realm of battle board

terrain building realm of battle board

terrain building realm of battle board

terrain building realm of battle board

Since these pics have been taken I've also started laying down the undercoat of grey primer for the sand sections and black for the rocky bits.

And a little tease of one of my Grey Kinghts

Grey Knight

I'm currently planning and working out how I can get a really cool textured and detailed base to represent a marble mausoleum type effect.

Hopefully results will appear once I've done some more testing!

thanks for reading

Friday, May 6, 2011

Where the have I been...

Wowser it's been far too long since I last posted! In fact I was on a strange mission to re-learnt paint. What's worse the results looked turd!

However it did teach me to be more careful with my painting and that I desperately needed glasses and a magnifier for painting. Since the escapades of the ultra smurfs... That results in 3 part painted minis, I jumped at the GKs as a force to try and make look fantastic... Dare I say, aiming to trophy status...

The GK are progressing and I'll take pics soon. The elysians are still my "love" force and I plan to kick start them soon enough.

However, the past 2 weeks I've been re-fitting my hobby zone (garage as the wife has banished me... Who am I kidding, I love it!). I've built myself a proper work bench that's solid enough for a fat bloke like me to stand on! It's not finished quite yet. I need to relocate my amp and get myself a/some display cabinets.

I've also chopped up my gaming board and turned it into shelves... With left over sheet material for other projects. Again, it's not the end of the world as I have my realms of battle board to texture and paint.

So many projects and so little time... Harumph!

Well I plan to get some pod sorted of a few things so that I can keep you guys posted of everything that's been done... And to be done.

Until then...